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web publishing 

 Publishing has come a long way since it first started, technology has made web publishing easier than ever; it has become a very popular medium for media outlets, as well as bloggers. The imagination is endless with web publishing, a little something I call pixel farming; adding value to virtual real estate, tying together a webwork of cloud networks. The digital age has empowered everyone to have a voice, anyone with an internet connection can voice their opinions, share information, and inspired many do it yourself types into doing it themselves.  

  With roots in web publishing, greyeyesgabriel was first published in some poetry anthologies; poems which he had submitted electronically, before greyeyesgabriel poetry existed. Needless to say that Gabriel has been publishing for a long time, these are some of our web publishing projects that we have done over the years; some are even available in book format, except you can't interact with a book.  


greyeyesabriel poetry

 The greyeyesgabriel poetry website showcases the poetry of greyeyesgabriel and is open for poets to submit their own poetry to fuel the feed. It's a promotional website for poets to showcase their talents, it's a free service with no fees for publishing. 

Dj greyeyesgabriel presents: local music

  The concept for Dj greyeyesgabriel presents: local music is that the internet has connected the world to the possibility of local music reaching around anywhere in the globe, if it's local to me, then it can be local to you. It's a website for independent musical artists to showcase their talents, free submission, no fees. 

Love, Light, and Life by Wendy Brady

 Love, Light, and Life was one of the first web books published by greyeyesgabriel for Wendy Brady; it's her book, published on the web to share with the world. The Dearest Daddy of Elation series are poetic letters to the Creator. 

TheSanctuary of TheWalkingChurch

  TheSanctuary of TheWalkingChurch is the official blog of the church established by Reverend Gabriel B. McBride; it's the blog which the first volume of the book by the same name is based upon. It's a Christian philosophy that the church is within you. 

The Way I See It... @greyeyesgabriel

  TheWayISeeIt... is the personal opinion blog of greyeyesgabriel, aka Gabriel B. McBride; it's the inspiration for the book series with the first titled greyeyesgabriel says: Volume 1. Another blog book by greyeyesgabriel. 

-E=m/c² aka neemdbss

   The personal science and technology blog of greyeyesgabriel, it is based upon his personal views of physics, technology, science, and his formula for negative energy (-E=m/c²). It's web publishing in full geek mode, attempting to understand everything. 

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