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 Self Published

  The main goal of greyeyesgabriel publishing is to help authors get their work published, the same way that greyeyesgabriel got published, self publishing. Whether you choose to do it yourself, or to choose greyeyesgabriel publishing as your publisher; you retain all rights to your work, the goal is to get you published. With greyeyesgabriel publishing, you only pay a base fee to get published; which handles time for editing, processing, and publishing. 

 You receive all of the royalties from your work, you will never have to pay royalties to greyeyesgabriel publishing; we want to help you succeed, not be a financial burden. We use CreateSpace for our basic paperback publishing needs, we like what they offer and it's how greyeyesgabriel got published; but we also use other publishing companies, depending upon the clients needs and finances. CreateSpace offers a great marketing avenue with book sellers like Amazon, as well as the Kindle format; giving you a wide exposure to the book and ebook markets, it's everything a self publisher needs to get their work to the world.   

...a peculiar way of thought...

by Gabriel B. McBride

 Idiosyncrasy is a collection of four poetry books written by Gabriel B. McBride over the period of his life, the works encompass more than two decades of his poetry. From his teenage years into his thirties, the four books span different interests and growth in his poetic verse. Spanning across many themes, from a broken heart to death, from the strange to politics, he develops a unique style.  List Price: $39.99 

The Walking Church
The Sanctuary, Volume 1

by Gabriel B. McBride

 The Walking Church was established by Reverend Gabriel B. McBride after he was ordained on December 24, 2004, with the understanding of the church is within you. Reverend McBride teaches Christian principles of faith and grace, following the teachings of Jesus Christ. His message is unity, forgiveness, peace, and love; establishing the temple of God within the hearts of mankind.   List Price: $39.99 

The Way I See It...
greyeyesgabriel says: Volume 1

by Gabriel B. McBride

The Way I See It is about my opinions, my views, and pretty much seeing in my perspective; it's my personal blog, and for the most part, that is where the material comes from. But some of it comes from other blocks and notes I've kept over the years, including a collection of my own quotes; that way I know they are correct, because I wrote them. List Price: $35.99 

2010 Begin Again
by Gabriel B. McBride

The second poetry collection by Gabriel B. McBride, it is a mixture and variety of poems written between 2010 and 2015; poetic verses about time, the universe, the soul, love, and so much more, it's a journey, a quest of expression.  List Price: $35.99 

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