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  Welcome to greyeyesgabriel publishing, the personal publishing company of greyeyesgabriel; a self publisher that uses resources already available to get your work into the market.  We do all kinds of publishing, from web publishing to print publishing, from novels to specialty books; greyeyesgabriel publishing can get your art out to the world, using the most popular marketing channels available.  We started out publishing poetry, but poetry isn't all we publish; if you can put it into a pdf format, then most likely we could publish it.

   We aren't doing anything you couldn't do for yourself, but if you can write it then we can edit, format, and publish it for you; not to mention that international marketing comes with that package, as well as print on demand with automatic shipping, no warehousing, no hassles. Earn royalties and own the rights to your own work, be an independent published author; we can do everything except write the book for you, and we can't guarantee success, but we can sure do our best to help you achieve it.  For a one time fee, you could earn royalties from your books for the rest of your life; let greyeyesgabriel publishing deal with the hassles of publishing, you have another book to write.  


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